Plan 45

4wd done differently...

Happy Easter 2011!! 2 new vids from Mt Beadell 09...

Our next trip, hopefully through the Anne Beadell Hwy this March, ain't gonna happen :(  .....damn thing. Well, not this March maybe, but it is gonna happen!!

The reason?? Money, always money....Paul has bought and now runs a fruit and vegetable retail store in a flash Auckland suburb, but the hours are truly horrendous, and he needs time to get it running properly. I am back on the tools as a tradesman, enjoy the work but it leaves little time or money to put into Fourby. Not this calendar year then, but wait......

 Imagine spending a week prospecting east of the Laverton district, then having a go at the AB Hwy?? This time we'd come in through Fremantle but go home through another port--this reduces the km's traveled substantially, and we've seen more of WA than most!!

Have uploaded a new vid on the Sandy Blight Rd., check it out on The Process page









Two fat boys from South Auckland NZ make it good....way outback....chasing their dreams in Australia, in a desert Landcruiser.

Graeme and Paul had their own vision of 4wd substance---taking their own truck to the hostile and barren western deserts in Australia, that's right--4wd Australia style!! They shook hands on it, with the Gunbarrel Highway as the target. The trouble they had with that in May of 2006 was that they live in NZ and they didn't have a, without pissing around went off and bought one--a 1980 FJ45 and christened it as Fourby. They fitted it out especially for desert travel, dropped it off at Auckland Wharf to be unloaded from Fremantle Wharf in Western Australia, and hoped like hell it was going to all turn out......

That first trip was March and April in 2007, the Gunbarrel (and all of central Australia) was a bog. Paul and Graeme had the shit kicked out of them from the wet slop they had to crawl through.

They went back, through the same ports, in March and April 2009, and kicked the shit out of it this time. And added the Sandy Blight Junction Road to boot....and a few others as well. They intend going back in 2011 into those vast Western Deserts, if you are interested in having your company or product featured on Fourby (as we did in 07) please contact us.

The web store has an excellent dvd for sale that is essential viewing for those who might be backgrounding their own trip, or for those who just want know what it's really like on the famous Gunbarrel Highway, wet or dry!!

It should be remembered that we chose to go in the 'hot' weather (or season) because:

The day light hours are still generous, more day light more drive....

We wanted to see how Fourby and ourselves stood up to that weather.

And we didn't expect to meet a whole lot of people on the desert tracks--which we didn't---the solitude prospect appealed, and delivered.

It also has to emphasised that we carried all the necessary items needed to do this: Sat phone, GPS, detailed maps, digital emergency locator, UHF radio, fire extinguishers with trained users, comprehensive first aid supplies and trained users, permits to enter certain areas,  not to mention 300 litres of fuel and 100l of, obviously, at least 10 days of food etc etc... you get the drift....The planning of these issues is paramount and cannot be underestimated. If you have any questions, just ask...


This website will try to explain why 2 men who appear sane, would take this type of project on in the first place. Please be patient  while we build the site---but please give us the feedback you have.... ....we try hard for a couple of technophobes...


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