Plan 45

4wd done differently...

The Beginnings.....

January 2006, for Graeme, was a beautiful thing.....well, as far as the month went anyway, because he found himself in a position where he didn't have to go to a job he'd hated for the previous two years. Call it good luck, or call it good planning...either way it was a beautiful thing...Paul at the same time was doing a job he nearly hated, but was being pretty well paid for it. 2006 was after all, a time of plenty and (relatively..) easy money.

First person dialogue Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2006:

Graeme: "Well, PK....I've been telling you about the majesty, the breathtaking vistas, the extreme isolation, the 4wd stuff we'd get into, and the bloody heat.....for a while now---so, how about we go and have a look at these western deserts....??"

Paul: "Uumm, well ok, but can you let go of the armlock?? How much does this shit cost?? LET GO THE ARMLOCK.  Thank, are you serious?? Can we do this??"

G: "Fuckin oath"

P: "Shit...."

 And without any problems at all, Fourby was bought within 3 weeks of that night. Except it wasn't Fourby then, it was an original FJ45 that, thankfully, had hardly done any work, but was pig ugly. We chose a 40 Series Landcruiser because they're cheaper at purchase, they really do go anywhere, and we were always going to spend real money on a desert rig fit-out. Looked at same spec Nissan stuff---none in NZ really--the only other option was a 70 Series Landcruiser but, in NZ, prices are vomitus. An FJ45 it was (always) going to be. First person dialogue June 06: 

G: "OK Paul, jump in, let's go for a zip around the block, isn't she a beauty??"

P: "I think you're that old shitter?? In case you you hadn't noticed, it's pouring with rain, and isn't that your grandchildren behind us?? " 

G: "I've seen them...shaddup...bloody slippery here isn't it.....just gotta squeeze through there....shit..I think.."

P: " You just reversed into the front of my new ute...prick..."

G: "Oh dear...."

From that first day of ownership onwards, is a story worth telling. There was blood, sweat and laughter. The only tears were reserved for the mounting bills. The women thought we were mad. And so did we at times.....








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