Plan 45

4wd done differently...

The Process--how it's done.

OK, we want to go and see places like Bungabiddy Rockhole below, but how do you get a Landcruiser from NZ to Australia?? In a container, of course..but what about tax or duties or somesuch things that make it all so difficult??

It's actually quite easy, but it ain't cheap either.....and it's called Carnet. Carnet is a (nearly) global method of moving vehicles around the world if you wish, without having to pay those horrible taxes or duties. It works on a substantial bond being placed by the party exporting/re-importing their vehicle, if you don't follow the very strict requirements you lose the bond....simple really...

In the case of importing a vehicle into Australia, each state has slightly different standards, but we have been through Fremantle in 07 and 09 and managed to get the bonds back without trouble.

The carnet is normally issued by the local auto association or similar, and they act as the intermediary, if all goes well you get the loot back. Cock it up and they're the ones who pass the money on---your money.....

Both of ours were issued for a year, which gives great flexibility if you want it. For the purpose of valuing the carnet, you value the vehicle and they add many thousands more as extra for security. For something like Fourby, it's at least 20K at stake.

The upside is you have your own rig, you go where ever you are legally allowed when ever you want. Most rental companies have very strict prohibitions on where you must not go. And you just can't get something like Fourby that holds 300 litres of fuel and 100 litres of water, plus the tools/spares/swags etc etc get the drift??         

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